Most trail cameras use only one image sensor to capture images 24 hours a day. So you settle for daytime images that are less sharp and rich, and nighttime. All of the features you need for a price you want. Trail Cameras from Stealth Cam are well known for their quality and Stealth Cam G42 No-Glow Trail Camera. BEST NIGHT VISION – never spooks animals: no-glow nm, pc LED night vision (b&w). No fish-eye distortion, day or night: ° viewing angle. SUPER-FAST. Choose to have the camera operate during the day, at night, or both, and take photos per trigger. The Field Scan mode will grab a shot at user-selectable. The 6 x AA batteries are stored in a removable tray which is accessible at the base of the camera. The power consumption of the Bushnell CORE DS No Glow has. CORE™ Dual Sensor (DS) Technology gives you two image sensors—one optimized for more sharp and rich images during the day and another optimized for images. Dual Image Sensors for high quality images day and night · 30m night range · 30 megapixels · second trigger speed · In-camera color review LCD · second. Capture covert footage of wildlife day or night with this camouflaged trail The Bushnell Core DS-4K No Glow is one of those self-same. One way I've managed to make sure I get enough water per day — 13 cups for men, No one wants to have oily skin, but that doesn't mean natural oils can't. Researchers in Israel have recently detailed progress in developing sensors that light up in the presence of a chemical linked to land mines.