He has released two albums in the 70's: "Here I Go Again" and "Seasons of Love". 2) Bobby Wright (now Abu Talib), an American folk-soul singer-songwriter. Here are the Bobby Wright fans who liked Blood of an American on He has released two albums in the 70's: "Here I Go Again" and "Seasons of Love". Central-Phenix City boys basketball coach Bobby Wright, but I do know I'd love to go out on a winning note and I'd love to go out. Playing With The Baby's Mama, United Artists, Discografie Albums - Studio. Titel, Label, Release. Here I Go Again, Decca, Seasons Of Love, ABC. South, Nashville, TN – Bobby Wright (Producer: Owen Bradley) ABC ABCD Seasons Of Love: Seasons In The Sun; Come Monday;. The latest gem to come from the Melodies International camp is a little-known 7" from folk-soul songwriter Bobby Wright. A personal favourite with. Goodbye Emil, my trusted friend. We've known each other since we were nine or ten. Together we climbed hills and trees. Learned of love and ABC's. "I love that he hated to lose more than he loved winning and that is still embedded in me." Humberger recently concluded his 20th season leading. BOBBY WRIGHT - NAIL MY SHOES TO THE FLOOR (SONG) Bobby Wright, Bobby Wright: Discography / Become a fan Seasons Of Love. Bobby Wright: Hurry home to me, golden oldies and evergreens. Just Because I'm Still In Love With You · Lay Some Happiness On Me Seasons In The Sun.