Born as Carla Rigolin Hassett in Sao Paolo, she began making a name for First was on Amazon Prime as she sang the lead during the pilot. Carla Hassett, Mike Patton. Everything's Alright Patton had an early interest in music, the first album he owned was the Star Wars Soundtrack. Carla Hassett - Not Real Love K-POP Lyrics Song. Carla Hassett sings a song from her First CD "Not real love" Live at the Derby Hollywood Ca for the CSN. Carla Hassett, Scott Anderson, & Bob Lizik. (CSN Chicago). First Photo · Previous Photo, 10 of 35, Next Photo · Last Photo. Carla Hassett is raising funds for + Blue on Kickstarter! + BLUE is tropicália it is samba it is jazz and soul and a search for home. the LA songwriting/production team Tiger Swami (Carla Hassett and Léo Costa)launch with their first track, the stunning Better Days. Hear Faith No More's First Song in 17 Years. More information Mike Patton & Carla Hassett - Julia (by The Beatles) [Pro Shot] *Higher Quality. the show revolves around a love triangle involving a sugar cube, a suicidal pencil and, inexplicably, singer/songwriter Carla Hassett. “Sempre Odara” is the first of the two additional songs recorded that night. With Burl Audio's technology, highly skilled musicians, and an. It makes for an interesting opener and definitely had me confused as to whether I had the right album or not for the first minute and a half.