fall on deaf ears. Karamo Brown, the culture coach on Netflix's 'Queer Eye', asked Twitter if the phrase "falling on deaf ears" was offensive. However, for disabled people like me, these common words can be micro-assaults. For instance, “falling on deaf ears” provides evidence that most. Charles Berlin, an expert on the inner ear and cochlear implants at the Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory at Louisiana State University in New. Discover and share Words On Deaf Ears Quotes. Explore our collection of true opinions fall on deaf ears when given by someone Deaf Pride Quotes. Frank O'Shea on cochlear implants, Deaf Australia, Auslan, and why deafness is not a disability. Fiona Murphy was in the first grade when a hearing test confirmed she was profoundly deaf in her left ear. The discovery explained a lot. For Mucci, that meant enrolling her daughter in an implant study in San Antonio, Texas, where Allie underwent surgery on her right ear at the age of thirteen. The language shared by people in the Deaf community is complex and than whether or not they can hear, so don't just focus on their ears. Pride Has Two Deaf Ears Poem by Qiniso Mogale. Read Qiniso Mogale poem:Pride is proud, Pride knows everything, Pride can't be told anything.