Andrew George Scott, also known as Captain Moonlite, though also referred to as Alexander Charles Scott and Captain Moonlight, was an Irish-born New Zealand immigrant to the Colony of Victoria, a bushranger there and in the Colony of New South. A musical based on the death cell letters of called Captain Moonlite was written by Australian Musical Theatre Composer, Jye Bryant in and. Captain Moonlight · Captain Moonlite, an Irish-born Australian bushranger · A nickname for agrarian violence in Ireland; see Whiteboys. Nesbitt was killed in a police shoot-out near Wagga Wagga where Captain Moonlight was finally captured. He was tried in Sydney and hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol. The Captain Moonlite sobriquet, with its irresistible hint of midnight romance, took on a life of its own. His attempted escape further popularised the. This would lead him to become one of Australia's most notorious outlaws "Captain Moonlight". It is his relationship with James Nesbitt that would capture. In the annals of bushranging, Andrew George Scott (aka Captain Moonlite) is not as familiar a name as Ned Kelly, though arguably he was just. Bushranger Captain Moonlite once rivalled Ned Kelly for notoriety. Was there an attempt to exclude him from the history books because of his. Andrew George Scott (January 8, — Janu) was a famous Australian bushranger, known as Captain Moonlite, sometimes spelt "Moonlight". Andrew George Scott; captain moonlite. In more languages. Spanish. Captain Moonlite. No description defined. Traditional Chinese. No label defined.