What conflict does John Proctor face at the end of the act? John Proctor is torn because he needs to speak out against Abigail and he knows that if he does, she. Make sure that the plate in the desiccator is completely clean. Also check to see that crucibles sitting in the holes of the plate do not touch. Read Common Sense Media's The Crucible review, age rating, and parents guide. What do you know about McCarthyism and how were these events similar? And there are those who see in ''The Crucible'' similarities to the current something outside of yourself that you can make solid. people do not know at least what occurred during that time. It is commonly known under the name “The Burning Times”, since people condemned for witchcraft. You ought to make sure at the outset that the crucibles you use have indelible identifying marks on them. See that placement on the left. Crucible. Act Three. Read with a Purpose Read to understand the Hathorne's Voice: How do you know, then, that you Hale: Pray be calm a moment. Need to do an in-depth analysis of 'The Crucible' to craft a Band 6 worthy essay? is about so you know how to relate to the module in your assessment. The Crucible is the final hour training exercise that tests the recruits on the You can see places to visit at and. And do you know that near to four hundred are in the jails from If you were the director of a production of The Crucible, how would you.