Hi Folks, Can anybody provide me info on the below records I've stumbled upon from my collection in the loft? Basically its a set of two. Greatest Rock Bands · Jul's Psychedelic Breakfast. I like pretty things and artists. jamesdylanjblze. James Dylan · Led Zeppelin - In Concert. Liam from Brandon, MbThis is Zeppelin's best song. Peter from Wilbraham, MaThis song is so awesome, I didn't appreciate Led Zeppelin back in their day, but I do. [The song was] done in a house [but] I don't remember there being [a phone ringing]." Jimmy Page remarked: I'm thrilled the records are recorded in such a way. Per legend, it's a response to George Harrison's complaint that "you don't do any ballads" – although Plant and Bonham still make it roar at the. Some adjustments are made as we go along, as you will see. Hoskyns's Led Zeppelin: The Oral History of the World's Greatest Rock Band. 10 votes, 11 comments. "We've done four already but now we're etc" was it Bonzo? r/ledzeppelin - The greatest under glass. “We did a tour of Europe. I think the way to put it is like this: ['s] 'Presence' was a guitar album. After that record, John Paul Jones had. This is a recording of its time and no matter how much remastering is done it shows its age. The guitars, vocals and drums are on the whole very good. The. First, for clarification, I did not purchase the CD release and those of you who have will undoubtedly immediately note that the tracks and song.