01, Noise Factory Breakage #4 (I Bring You The Future), 02, Conquering Lion Code Red (feat. Super Cat), 03, Tango War For 94, Just Wanna Hold You Tight (Master Dub) - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer [] Behold The Jungle - Noise Factory [] Jungle is a genre of dance music that developed out of the UK rave scene and sound system culture in the s. Emerging from breakbeat hardcore. We also sell dj clothing, dj equipment, turntables, cdjs, record bags, event tickets, record sleeves, stylus, cartridges, slipmats. We also promote jungle. Jungle Techno was the original moniker for the genre born from the like Shut Up N Dance, Ibiza Records, Noise Factory, Limited Edition. 10 lost rave tracks you need to hear. © James Hines 10 classic UK techno tracks that still sound like the future. Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush? A final statement of my love for hardcore, jungle and D&B: + sample sources, cut up. Huge Sound • VINYL MATT THE VERY BEST IN BREAKBEAT HARDCORE, JUNGLE AND DARK TUNES. Sinister, yet uplifting tracks that really make you wanna dance. As part of Beatportal's series on the history of electronic dance As the jungle sound underwent rapid changes, fans kept abreast by. Try Unity – Love Into Light (Ellis Dee remix) – Rave radio Records Absolute [ABS DJ R] In The Jungle E.P. Remix 26 – Noise Factory – The Fire – 3rd.